Alien Prison

Alien Prison

Written by:
Tracy Lauren
Narrated by:
Eva Caine , Gabriel De Leon
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
November 2024
12 hours 30 minutes
Tess didn't have much to miss when she was stolen from Earth. She left behind a lackluster job and a piece of trash, cheating boyfriend. It was tragic really, to lose her life before it had ever begun. Kidnapped and sold into slavery, she quickly found herself with a one-way ticket to prison. All hope of escape was lost. At that point, it was about survival and never once did she imagine that in the depths of an alien prison ship, her life would finally take shape.

Hope was a thing of the past for Crius as well. Years had gone by, each chipping away at his soul. He no longer felt like the man he once was. He felt more like a monster, pushed to the brink in order to protect a dorm that didn't care one way or another. Then she walked in, a ray of light in a dark life. She saw past the beast. After everything, she could still see him.

And what do you do when you find a reason for living? You fight. You fight for love, and you fight for family. When you know what real loss is, you can't bear to lose that which counts. When push comes to shove, Crius and Tess draw a line in the sand and they plot an escape from Alien Prison.
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