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All In: How Great Leaders Build Unstoppable Teams

All In: How Great Leaders Build Unstoppable Teams

Written by:
Mike Michalowicz
Narrated by:
Mike Michalowicz
Coming Soon

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
January 2024
7 hours 40 minutes
The bestselling author of Profit First shows you how to build unstoppable teams where everyone wins.

It’s never been harder building successful teams. With challenges of work-from-anywhere, flex-schedule and generational divides, business leaders bend over backwards searching for solutions that work. They’ve tried everything from food perks and ping pong tables to endless team-building exercises and training—but nothing sticks.

Now, in his long-awaited book for leaders at all levels, bestselling author Mike Michalowicz reveals his proven formula to build an unstoppable team for any work environment:

All In shows readers how to:

- Recruit the right talent
- Transform struggling employees into superstars
- Match individual abilities to client and company needs
- Elevate your company to where every employee cares as much as an owner

You want a thriving workforce that shines and sticks around. One that takes full responsibility for their work and outcomes. A community of employees who love your organization and are invested in its growth. With All In you will discover how to build a team where everyone flourishes–including you.
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