All the Way

Written by:
Kendall Ryan
Narrated by:
Jason Clarke , Erin Mallon

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
October 2023
5 hours 50 minutes
'BONUS! Contains a fun question & answer session between narrators Jason Clarke & Erin Mallon during the last ten minutes of the recording. I know it’s time to move on from my rocky past and get back out there and start dating again. It’s just that every time I think about it, I get all nervous and sweaty. Good thing I have a secret weapon to help me - my best friend, professional hockey stud Owen Parrish. He’s the king of hookups, and promises he’ll be my guide through the world of online dating. With his help, I know this won’t be as hard. • I’ve never been this hard in my entire life. My friend Becca wants my help hooking her up with some douchey guy from a dating app. I said I’d help her - but now I’m noticing all kinds of things I can’t ignore, like how pretty she is behind those baggy clothes and messy buns. I want to be the one to help her, to show her the ropes in the bedroom, and it turns out, Becca’s game to let me take a more hands-on approach. But what happens when she’s ready to take her newfound confidence and move on? I’ve never been boyfriend material, but for her, I want to try. Your favorite hot jocks are back with an all new stand-alone novel. If you like sexy, confident men who know how to handle a stick (on and off the ice), and smart women who are strong enough to keep all those big egos in check, this series is for you! '
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