Amber and Shadow: A Why Choose Academy Romance

Amber and Shadow: A Why Choose Academy Romance

Written by:
Marie Mackay
Narrated by:
Lindsey Dorcus
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
August 2023
11 hours 2 minutes
A why Choose? (MFM) Slow Burn series (2nd book spice)

The first book in an enemies to lovers, paranormal—Hold up. Stop.

I’m not even sorry. Cut the blurb, I’m venting.


You. Absolute. Prat.

You remember what we’ve sacrificed to get to this godforsaken academy, right? All for you, I might add. And while I downed that potion to qualify—the one with a fifty percent chance of killing me—what were you doing?

Oh, that’s right. Opening your bleeding heart to a random woman and accidentally binding her to your magic. (You know—that minorly important thing your 'condition' requires for survival?)

And that—that’s not even the kicker, is it?

You should be popular with the ladies, you have that whole ‘strongest-vamp-in-academy-history’ thing going, right? But congratulations, you found the one exception, because Briar Bishop hates you.

To add to everything, she’s untrained (also, insane). Come the trial, demons are going to eat her alive, and she’ll take your magic with her—magic she’s now burning through, it seems, just to spite you.

And who’ll end up fixing this mess?



Where did I put my matches? I need a bloody smoke.

*ahem.* A Witcher meets Zodiac Academy four book romance. Broody vampires, and shifters. Enemies to lovers. Monsters and magic. Check. Check. Check. All the good stuff. Go buy it. Or Axel will find you. And he’s in a bad mood.

Author’s Note: This is a slow burn (2nd book explicit spice) adult romance. It contains dark themes, adult language, intimidation, violence, and triggering situations detailed in front of the book. For mature readers.
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