American Animals: A Memoir

Written by:
Eric Borsuk
Narrated by:
Nick Walther

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
March 2020
3 hours 54 minutes
Warren, Spencer, and Eric are childhood friends. Disillusioned with freshman year
of college and determined to escape from their mundane Middle-American existences,
the three hatch a plan to steal millions of dollars worth of artwork and rare manuscripts
from a university museum.
The story that unfolds is a gripping adventure of teenage rebellion, from pageturning meetings with black-market art dealers in Amsterdam, to the opulent galleries
of Christie’s auction house in Rockefeller Center. American Animals ushers the reader
along a gut-wrenching ride of adolescent self-destruction, providing a front-row seat
to the inception, planning, and execution of the heist, while offering a rare glimpse
into the evolution of a crime—all narrated by one of the perpetrators in a darkly
comic, action-packed, true-crime caper.
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