Written by:
Ayn Rand
Narrated by:
Del Muldoon

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
June 2023
1 hour 58 minutes
Dive into a dystopian world where individuality is a crime, and freedom, a forgotten concept. 'Anthem' by Ayn Rand is a gripping audiobook that explores the struggle of one man against the collective society that suppresses his identity.
In this thought-provoking tale, Rand masterfully challenges the concepts of collectivism, urging listeners to celebrate the power of individualism. Experience the protagonist's journey from a nameless citizen to a symbol of hope, beautifully narrated to keep you hooked from start to finish.
Our audiobook delivers a crisp, clear, and immersive listening experience. Every word, every emotion, is captured perfectly, making Rand's powerful narrative come alive. Whether you're on a commute, at the gym, or relaxing at home, 'Anthem' is the perfect companion.
Rediscover the power of 'I' with 'Anthem'. A must-have for fans of dystopian literature, philosophy enthusiasts, and anyone who values the freedom of the individual. Add this classic to your audiobook collection today!
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