Anything But: The Musings Of an Outcast, Me, Razberry Sweet

Anything But: The Musings Of an Outcast, Me, Razberry Sweet

Written by:
Megan Linski
Narrated by:
A.J. Carter
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
November 2023
3 hours 21 minutes
Seventeen-year-old Raz uses his gift for acting to hide the truth of who he really is. After being a target for the bullies at his high school, he’s sworn that this year, he’s going to reinvent himself. Instead of the shy theater geek he’s always been, he’s decided to portray a new identity so he can belong. Getting noticed in a small town is difficult, especially when you’ve got Raz’s reputation— because last summer gave him a secret. 

Video camera in hand, Raz decides to make a movie that’ll put him in the spotlight, working together with the biggest misfits, outcasts, and rebels the school can put together. As Raz's misadventures continue, he discovers fitting in and finding himself is scarier than navigating his first kiss.

But keeping up an act is harder than it looks, and Raz is about to learn that accepting who you truly are is better than putting on a mask.

A coming-of-age high school contemporary novella, Anything But is a young adult story about self-love that’s funny, touching, and full of friendship. The first book in the Razberry Sweet series.
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