Are You Praying for the Wrong Thing?: Learning to Ask What God Wants for You, Not Just What You Want

Written by:
Travis Greene
Narrated by:
Travis Greene

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
May 2024
6 hours 25 minutes
Read by the author.

The Bible tells us to pray continually and without ceasing, but what happens when we're waiting for God but discover He's waiting for us? In his first book, pastor and recording artist Travis Greene guides the reader to apply Biblical truths for a fulfilled life.

Praying and waiting for God to answer can be confusing. When something--or everything--feels stuck because God doesn't seem to be answering our prayers, what next? Pastor and Grammy–nominated recording artist Travis Greene issues a challenge and asks us to examine our prayers--Are we praying for the right thing? Are we planning and preparing for what we've asked for? Are we praying for our will to grow closer to His? Or do we sometimes treat him like a genie in a bottle? Using Biblical examples, Travis invites readers to reconsider our prayers and

- navigate beyond feeling trapped to thriving in God’s purposes;
- learn to use what's left instead of focusing on what was lost;
- be willing to forgive, wait, and work as God allows; and
- believe in God's miracles while being a faithful steward of what He has already provided.


Sometimes what happens next depends on the choices made right now. And sometimes God has something else in mind for us--something we might never have imagined, or in a way we might not have imagined it! It's possible to press forward into a life filled with joy and expectation for the future! Like the widow who used the oil she had at hand, by using what God has already supplied, Travis encourages the readers that they may be closer to enjoying God's promises than they realize. Management can be a magnet for miracles.
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