Baby & Solo

Written by:
Lisabeth Posthuma
Narrated by:
Nick Walther

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
May 2021
11 hours 35 minutes
Seventeen-year-old Joel Teague has a new prescription from his therapist: a part-time job, the first step toward the elusive Normal life he’s been so desperate to live ever since The Bad Thing happened. Lucky for Joel, ROYO Video is hiring.
It’s the perfect fresh start—he even gets a new name. Dubbed “Solo” after his favorite Star Wars character, Joel works his way up the not-so-corporate ladder without anyone suspecting What Was Wrong With Him. That is, until he befriends
Nicole “Baby” Palmer, a smart-mouthed coworker with a chip on her shoulder about … well, everything, and the two quickly develop the kind of friendship movie montages are made of. However, when Joel’s past inevitably catches up
with him, he’s forced to choose between preserving his new blank slate persona and coming clean—and either way, he risks losing the first real friend he’s ever had.
Set in a pop-culture-rich 1990s, this remarkable story tackles challenging and timely themes with huge doses of wit, power, and heart.
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