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Barbie Gurl: A Transgender Transformation and First Time Transgender Romance

Barbie Gurl: A Transgender Transformation and First Time Transgender Romance

Written by:
Lilly Lustwood
Narrated by:
Lilly Lustwood
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
March 2023
1 hour 39 minutes
“From her rose-colored glasses, womanhood was sweet as candy, only to find out that it wasn’t as saccharine as she thought it would be. But then again… she’s Barbie *wink*”.

Barbie Sinclair, who just legally changed her name from Barry, yearned to accelerate her transition by undergoing surgery to inflate her knockers. Being the daddy’s girl that she was, she successfully convinced Conrad, her megamillionaire father… but on one condition.

She moved from her family’s Beverly Hills estate to Boston, honoring her promise to get a Master’s degree from Harvard Business School.

The boys loved her but sadly, most of the girls wanted nothing to do with her but pull her hair.

Meeting Ken was her only resolve until Sarah, his girlfriend shows up and dims her shine.

Will she ever see the neon pink light again or is she destined to suffer a grim fate?

Clutch your Pearl Necklace Tight and Prepare for a Transgender Romance and Feminization Ride!

Note: This title contains transgender romance, transgender transformation, drama, and first time transgender romance. Some real places and people were referenced but the story is a work of fiction.
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