Bathsheba: A Novel

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
March 2019
10 hours 2 minutes
Bathsheba is a woman who longs for love. With her devout husband away fighting the king's wars for many months at a time, discontent and loneliness dog her steps-and make it frighteningly easy to succumb to King David's charm and attention. Though she immediately regrets her involvement with the powerful king, the pieces are set in motion that will destroy everything she holds dear. Can she find forgiveness at the feet of the Almighty? Or has her sin separated her from God-and David-forever?

With a historian's sharp eye for detail and a novelist's creative spirit, Jill Eileen Smith brings to life the passionate and emotional story of David's most famous-and infamous-wife. Smith uses her gentle hand to draw out the humanity in her characters, allowing listeners to see themselves in the three-dimensional lives and minds of people who are often viewed in starkly moralistic terms. You will never listen to the story of David and Bathsheba in the same way again.
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Sergio C.

I am giving this one 5 stars despite it not being perfect. Understand there are problems but the good FAR outweigh the bad. The first act does an excellent job carrying over the Themes and feelings of the first two books. This book cannot exist without Michel and Abigail. The continuity makes it so you understand this is the same King David but his life has had so many twists abs turns that it brought him here. However, where the book falls flat is THE MOMENT. If you know the biblical character, Bathsheba, then you know what I'm talking about. That moment is very underdeveloped. Why does the king do this? Is it the music? Is it her body? Is it her beauty? Each one is described but never explored. If she's beautiful, describe her features. If it is her body, then what about it? How is she different from his many wives? She explored some of it and does a wonderful job hinting that Bathsheba was, subconsciously, molding herself to the king even before the moment, but then the moment is so confused that it feels like they might be friends before BAM. It happens. The turn works for David kind of. But Bathsheba didn't FEEL ready. With that complaint out of the way, this book explores who is responsible, why, the levels of guilt, and the consequences. That is where the book shines so brightly. If the messages of the biblical telling are of sin, consequences, guilt, and the generational curse that this can bring about. That is WORTH the read.

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