Be a Direct Selling Superstar: Achieve Financial Freedom for Yourself and Others as a Direct Sales Leader

Written by:
Mary Christensen
Narrated by:
Lesley Parkin

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
September 2015
6 hours 45 minutes
Direct selling is booming. It's no surprise when you consider the benefits of launching a direct selling business-low start-up costs, strong earning potential, and a flexible work schedule. Currently an estimated 15.6 million people are involved in direct selling in the U.S. alone - and more than 100 million worldwide. Mary Christensen has empowered and equipped thousands of direct sellers to succeed, and in her newest book, 'Be a Direct Selling Superstar', she delivers an all-encompassing guide to building, leading, and managing a profitable direct sales organization. Readers will learn how to: set goals; eliminate self-sabotaging behaviors; market their products and business opportunity effectively; communicate persuasively; build a committed network of sellers; be an influential leader; create a clear roadmap for others to follow; inspire and lead a wide range of personalities; maintain work-life balance; and, manage their time and their money wisely. For corporate refugees, ambitious entrepreneurs, mompreneurs, and anyone else looking for a new source of income - this inspiring master plan explains step by step how to achieve long-term success in direct selling.
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Michael T.

Just seems like a gimmicky MLM sales pitch the whole time. Not a single sales principle in here. Just a bunch of hokey self help tripes and platitudes that don’t teach you anything. Waste of time and money.

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Monica Laughlin

This book has helped me out so much that I plan on buying it so that I can highlight in it and reference back to it for myself and my little team that I plan to expand! This book is great it you truly want to build yourself up and grow your team!

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Melanie Patterson

Using this book to direct my business and my teams business in the right direction.

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