The Beachcomber

The Beachcomber

Written by:
Damon Knight
Narrated by:
Scott Miller
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
March 2022
0 hours 26 minutes
The Beachcomber by Damon Knight - Alice saw the Beachcomber as a glorious hunk of man; Maxwell saw him as a super being from the future. Tragically, he was both!...

Maxwell and the girl started their weekend on Thursday, in Venice. Friday they went to Paris, Saturday to Nice, and on Sunday they were bored. Alice pouted at him across the breakfast table. 'Vernon, let's go someplace else,' she said.

'Sure,' said Maxwell, not too graciously. 'Don't you want your bug eggs?'

Alice pushed them away. 'If I ever did, I don't now. Why do you have to be so unpleasant in the morning?'

The eggs were insect eggs, all right, but they were on the menu as oeufs Procyon Thibault, and three of the half-inch brown spheres cost about one thousand times their value in calories. Maxwell was well paid as a script-writer for the North American Unit Ministry of Information—he bossed a gang of six gagmen on the Cosmic Cocktail show—but he was beginning to hate to think about what these five days were costing him.

'Where do you want to go?' asked Maxwell. Their coffee came out of the conveyer, steaming and fragrant, and he sipped his moodily. 'Want to run over to Algiers? Or up to Stockholm?'

'No,' said Alice. She leaned forward across the table and put up one long white hand to keep her honey-colored hair out of her eyes. 'You don't know what I mean. I mean, let's go to some other planet.'

Maxwell choked slightly and spilled coffee on the tabletop. 'Europe is all right,' Alice was saying with disdain, 'but it's all getting to be just like Chicago. Let's go someplace different for once.'

'And be back by tomorrow noon?' Maxwell demanded. 'It's ten hours even to Proxima; we'd have just time to turn around and get back on the liner.'
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