Beacon 23

Written by:
Hugh Howey
Narrated by:
Peter Ganim

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
January 2023
6 hours 9 minutes
Now a major MGM+ sci-fi drama series starring Lena Headey and Stephan James

For centuries, men and women have manned lighthouses to ensure the safe passage of ships.

It is a lonely job and a thankless one for the most part. Until something goes wrong. Until a ship is in distress. In the twenty-third century, this job has moved into outer space. A network of beacons allows ships to travel across the Milky Way at many times the speed of light.

These beacons are built to be robust. They never break down. They never fail.

At least, they aren’t supposed to.

Overall the book is well written from a technical standpoint; my gripe is how incredibly cliché the characters are (ie the tormented ex-soldier determined to punish himself, the hot female characters that wear sweatpants and no bras, etc.). It did keep me guessing as to how it would end - so at least it wasn’t predictable in my opinion.

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Rico S.

A storyline of a broken soldier and his nightmares, the background and transformation to acceptance of himself and of what to come. Interesting ending

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Osman Raidhan

A good story with a good message however the book details led me to believe it was gonna be a space thriller or mystery. Great narration and a good ending in my opinion .

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Joanne M.

Ok story if you like space stories

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John David S.

The last fifteen minutes skip around all over the place, so you don't really know how or ends.

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Philip Spall

Great story

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