The Bear

Written by:
Andrew Krivak
Narrated by:
Eric Jason Martin

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
February 2020
4 hours 0 minutes
In an Edenic future, a girl and her father live close to the land in the shadow of a lone mountain. They possess a few remnants of civilization: some books, a pane of glass, a set of flint and steel, a comb. The father teaches the girl how to fish and hunt, the secrets of the seasons and the stars. He is preparing her for an adulthood in harmony with nature, for they are the last of humankind. But when the girl finds herself alone in an unknown landscape, it is a bear that will lead her back home through a vast wilderness that offers the greatest lessons of all, if she can only learn to listen.

A cautionary tale of human fragility, of love and loss, The Bear is a stunning tribute to the beauty of nature's dominion.
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Jessica C.

This book was a delightful surprise. I binge listened to the end. Many reviews dog on the narrator but I found his voice to have just the right solemness for this tale.

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Daniel W.

Lovely story! It makes one appreciate everything we have and take for granted... I disagree with some of the other reviewers who were negative about the Narrator since his narration was a perfect match for this audiobook.

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Angie M.

This was a beautiful, short, emotional book. If you have experienced any loss, this might cut you to the core. Really lovely and yet by the end I felt like my heart was breaking.

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What a beautiful story. Of course it’s solemn, it’s about the last humans on earth, it’s not going to be funny or fast paced. The lessons and love were beautiful. It made me think that this is what life must’ve been like for many indigenous people, the histories they passed along, their way of living, the way they fed themselves and the way they died. It was absolutely lovely. For the first few sentences I wondered if the narrator was computer generated but after the first chapter realized he wasn’t. His voice grew on me and I think matched the book and pace very well.

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Ian B.

A delightful story

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narrator like a documentation. story slow, hard to like the nameless characters. not enough fun nor intrigue in this mega post-humanity downer.

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Tracy A.

The story did somewhat draw me in however it was all fairly clinical, both the text and the narrator's reading of it.

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Chris Kraisser

Very Last of Us/Horizon Zero Dawn feel to it. The boom was good, but just not my favorite.

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Joseph C.

This book is nice and the writing is clear but it reads like a manual on how to survive in the wilderness. It doesn’t feel like there is much motive for the story. I guess I was not a fan of the clichéd setup with the kind wise father figure and the young eager child student. It just isn’t terribly original or compelling, but beyond that, it is describing a beautiful landscape which is cool I guess. DNF

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B W.

The narrator has a monotone voice, and should only be aloud to narrate car manuals. the story was powerful and wise.

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Francois S.

I enjoyed the book however the narrator had a very calming and sleepy voice. Because of that the book did not give me a lot of excitement. Still worth a listen though.

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Mark H.

A short but powerful story. Moving and impactful. Reminds me of Cormac McCarthy’s the road but without the horror or desolation. Positive narratives instead. Very much recommended

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Amber L.

fun easy read

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Sasha Thomas

Nice brief story that reminds me a lot of the video game zero dawn, Im already going in for a second listen. this book gives you a lot to think about.

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A little book, simply written, with much to say.

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