Beast: Learning to Breathe (Devil's Blaze MC Duet Book 1)

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
January 2018
11 hours 40 minutes
Love isn't always pretty - especially not when you fall for a Beast. I ran like hell from the tragedy in my past. I didn’t slow down, and I didn’t look back. But I couldn’t outrun the memories...or escape the nightmares. I came to North Carolina to be alone. Hayden Graham attracts problems like a magnet. She's a complication I don't need. This time, the mess she's in has put her life in danger. What she needs is a hero to rescue her. But I'm no knight in shining armor. I'm a wounded animal – a Beast. She tastes like Heaven. She only adds to my Hell. She makes me want things that I can’t have, things I'll never deserve. Love isn't always pretty. Sometimes it's hard. Sometimes it's rough. And sometimes... it's f****ng dirty. Book 1 of 2 in the Beast & Beauty Devil's Blaze Duet COMPLETE STANDALONE Series Books 1-4 are independent of this duet.
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Carmen D

This book is a cliff hanger. It so good it makes you want to read the written novel instead of waiting for the audio version. But the narrator is so sexy sounding I’m finding it hard to choose.

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