Beginner Quest: A LitRPG Cultivation Series

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
July 2021
9 hours 3 minutes
Given a second chance at life, now he must play for his life.

Betrayed by those closest to him, Viktor's soul couldn't move on for decades. Pitied by one of the Gods, he was given the chance to participate in the next round of bets between the gods. It was an eternally violent game known as Towers and Rifts.

The world he found himself in was nothing like the one he'd spent centuries cultivating and becoming stronger. He was right back at the bottom along with everyone else but for the knowledge he retained.

The day the tower spawned, everyone was given access to a strange and game-like system he only knew about from memories of the body he inherited. The first order of the day: to heal from the horrible wounds that came along with the new body and to tackle the 'Beginner's Quest' everyone was given.

Viktor was at the top before he died the first time so he knew what it was like to be powerful, in control, and a warrior without an equal. Nothing would stop him from getting to the top using this second chance he'd been given.

Experience the start of an epic LitRPG Cultivation Fantasy Series perfect for fans of authors like Tao Wong, C. M. Carney, and M. H. Johnson. Towers and Rifts is filled with cultivation, measurable power progression, crunchy stats, loot, immortal gods, intriguing characters, and everything lovers of all progression fantasy, GameLit/LitRPG, xianxia, and xuanhuan expect.
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