Being a Green Mother

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
July 2007
12 hours 31 minutes
Piers Anthony's best-selling Incarnations of Immortality series has delighted readers with its wonderful mixture of contemporary situations and unconventional views of traditional magical themes. Being a Green Mother continues Anthony's entertaining look at society through a lens of magic. Orb is four years old when she first hears the wonderful music of the morning. Gifted with a magic that makes her songs irresistible anytime she sings or plays the harp, she spends her life seeking the source of the mystical music that controls all things. After years spent with Gypsies and traveling shows, Orb finally feels she's getting somewhere when she hooks up with the Livin' Sludge, a rock band that could use all the magic they can find. Unfortunately, there's still the pesky little matter of a prophecy to deal with: the prediction that Orb will someday marry Evil, the devil himself. Barbara Caruso's lyrical narration is a wonderful addition to this endlessly inventive series.
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Ive read 3 books in this series so far, the story is good but the main character, i dont like. I think (wish) she couldve been less impulsive and stupid. Still a good listen and very very good Narator.

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