Ben Sees It Through: A full-cast BBC Radio Drama from the Golden Age of Detective Fiction.

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
May 2022
0 hours 44 minutes
Set during the Golden Age of Detective Fiction, where every story promises a 'Thousand Thrills!', Ben, the chivalrous and perky non-descript little man, whose thumbs itch just before 'something 'orrible 'appens' played by Tony Robinson is joined by Leslie Phillips as the devilish Lovelace in J Jefferson Farjeon's 1930's thriller.

"Murder mysteries always work well... and Mr Punch's Thriller Playhouse is particularly good... Atmospheric and Great Fun." (Daily Express)

To all concerned "Jolly good show, chaps." (The Times)

Also available as part of the THRILLER PLAYHOUSE BOX SET, eight episodes featuring Max Carrados, Norman Conquest and Ben from the popular BBC Drama series.

Tony Robinson as Ben
Leslie Phillips as Lovelace
Rebecca Lacey as Molly
Jon Glover as Pasquale
Christopher Benjamin as Medway
Kate Odey as Violet
Shaun Prendergast as Henry
Royce Mills as White
& full supporting cast

Based on a story by J. Jefferson Farjeon

Dramatisation: Joe Dunlop
Music: Robert Rigby
Director: Neil Cargill
Producer: Stewart Richards & Michael Cameron

© & ? 2022 Mr Punch Audiobooks Ltd
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