Best Cases of the Continental Op

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
April 2022
7 hours 27 minutes
“Half the jobs that come to a private detective are like this one: three or four days—and often as many weeks—have passed since the crime was committed. The police work on the job until they are stumped; then the injured party calls in a private sleuth, dumps him down on a trail that is old and cold and badly trampled, and expects—Oh, well! I picked out this way of making a living so …”

As a detective with the San Francisco branch of the Continental Detective Agency, the Continental Op has worked all kinds of cases, from gruesome murders to high-stakes robberies. A short, private man with a quick mind and quicker feet, Dashiell Hammett’s nameless sleuth may not be who you picture when you think of a private eye, but he is certainly the man you want on the job.

In the Best Cases of The Continental Op, an original compilation of eight stories from Skyboat Media, the Op walks, stalks, and runs down the steep streets of San Francisco to solve crimes of blackmail, murder, stolen identities, and arson, and each story contains so many twists and turns you’ll be hooked until the very (surprising) end …

Full Contents:

Introduction by Alison Belle Bews“Arson Plus”“Slippery Fingers”“The Tenth Clew”“Crooked Souls”“Bodies Piled Up”“The Golden Horseshoe”“Death on Pine Street (Women, Politics, and Murder)”“Zigzags of Treachery”
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