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Beyond Death

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
July 2016
12 hours 57 minutes
Playing by the book? That's not how we do it! In his attempt to delay his appearance in Emperor's court, Crown Prince Georg triggers an alien invasion of his own star system. The whole of the Empire watches the live broadcast with bated breath as his fleet battles the awesome invaders. The Iseyeks-gigantic sentient praying mantises-are suitably impressed too, so they promptly remind the Crown Prince of his allied duties. The Sector Eight Fleet hurries to the Swarm's aid . . . but sadly disregards the insects' hive mentality.
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Judith M.

Atamanov keeps the excitement rolling book after book. Book 2 just deepens the plot and continues to draw you into the virtual gaming world! Which one is real? So weel done that at times it is hard to tell!

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Michael Collier

A fun and enjoyable gaming book. I love listening.

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