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The Big Four

Written by:
Agatha Christie
Narrated by:
Charles Armstrong

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
January 2023
5 hours 21 minutes
Originally published as a series of short stories in Sketch magazine, this tale of international intrigue and espionage begins when a visitor stumbles into detective Hercule Poirot's bedroom. In the final moments before his death, he tells Poirot of the crime cartel known only as the Big Four. What follows is Hercule Poirot's biggest case yet, taking him and his sidekick Arthur Hastings on the trail of the Big Four before their plans to take control of the world unfold. Note: The Big Four contains characterization and thematic elements representative of prejudiced beliefs, particularly Sinophobia and Orientalism. While these views were never legitimate nor equitable, they were unfortunately commonplace at the time of writing and publication. Rather than glossing over this painful dimension of literary history, this audiobook edition references the text as it was originally published so that it may be included when taking into consideration the overall impact of Agatha Christie's body of work. The beliefs and views present in this book do not reflect that of the publisher's.
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Kaethe P.

Beautifully narrated. And of course, one cannot fault Miss Christie's writing!!

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This was a bit of a departure for Agatha Christie and I just didn't like it. There was so much jumping around of locations - hardly any time devoted to the time it took to get to these places. After Christie's iconic novels dedicated almost entirely to a train ride or a boat ride, this one felt jarring. Add to this mix an Agatha Christie trying to be Ian Fleming with Bond-like action and violence. This shaken concoction was not to my taste. What saved this audiobook was Charles Armstrong's superb narration. His reading was the reason I stuck with the audiobook to the end. Thank you, Charles.

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