Big Ideas… for Small Businesses

Written by:
John Lamerton
Narrated by:
John Lamerton

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
May 2018
6 hours 0 minutes
SMALL BUSINESSES CAN THINK BIG... HERE'S HOW Are you struggling to find marketing ideas for your small business? Does your business plan consist of a few scribbles on the back of a napkin? Does the thought of learning “online marketing” scare you? Do you find traditional business books dull, or uninspiring? Have you read business biographies of the poster boys (Richard Branson, Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, Alan Sugar, Elon Musk, Steve Jobs etc), only to feel a sense of overwhelm, and a complete disconnect between what they achieved, and where you are right now? Do you want to grow your small business, without having to learn complex marketing strategies, and without being told to simply “work harder than everyone else”? If so, then “Big Ideas... for Small Businesses” could be the “lightbulb moment” you've been waiting for... Former civil servant John Lamerton has run more than 60 small businesses since 2000, making millions of pounds, and thousands of mistakes along the way. This book is a collection of the lessons and successes that he uses to coach and mentor hundreds of small business owners, teaching them to think bigger, work less, and design their business around the lifestyle they want. SOME OF THE “BIG IDEAS” THAT YOU WILL DISCOVER:
Why the “Dragons” hate lifestyle businesses, and why you should love them.
How almost anyone could become a millionaire in their lifetime, given just £200 a month.
Why John blames Richard Branson for his early failures
How to get clarity on your business strategy, and bring that into your daily routine.
How to sell a dozen eggs for over £500
The ONE thing that truly transformed John's business
How to find, hire, (and fire!) your first employee.
Why every Luke Skywalker needs a Yoda.
EXACTLY how he made over £100k from ONE marketing campaign.
The five magic ingredients for success in almost any given field.
JOHN LAMERTON is a lazy entrepreneur and investor. He balances running an ambitious lifestyle business with raising two young children. A former “hustler”, he now earns more money “working” 20 to 25 hours a week than he used to pulling all nighters and “grinding” for 100+ hours per week. He now mentors fellow ambitious lifestyle business owners, teaching them how to design their business around their lifestyle.
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A very refreshing insight into how to run a successful business. I found this book, to the point, educational, very entertaining and funny and a total breath of fresh air. Read it, listen to it, but most of all, act upon its content!!

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Rolf S.

Stopped listening after 15 minutes as the book is soaked in bad language. Gave me no confidence.

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Lars D.

Good book. Delivered what i expected and was hoping for. Motivating also

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Jordy J.

I literally like what the book's about but my god the lame jokes and infinite abuse of saying, "big idea" prefacing every single thing said makes it unbearable. -"big idea" read something else

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Pamela A.

Very easy listening! Got this as my freebie book and I loved it so much I have binged on John’s podcast and just got his second book, I'll be power listening to that this week.... Business starting soon promise!!

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Craig B.

practical down to earth common sense humorous succinct could relate all the way and listened the end I could relate to this more than I could to Gary Vee"s Crush it as much of a Gary fan as I am

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