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Bitcoin Begging: A Short Reluctant Feminization Sissy Story

Bitcoin Begging: A Short Reluctant Feminization Sissy Story

Written by:
Lilly Lustwood
Narrated by:
Lilly Lustwood
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
December 2022
0 hours 38 minutes
Manny Moreno wanted everything fast just like his cars and the ending of his relationships. After all, the 26-year-old has already proven that working smart trumped working hard by becoming a multi-millionaire in 2021 with the help of an Ethereum Token called Shiba Inu. However, when his greed took the best of him, he explored more tokens in the Binance Smart Chain and he was able to make a killing. But come December 2021, he lost all of his riches to the bear market. His investments in altcoins vanished into thin air from subsequent rugpulls and hasty decisions.

With nothing to his name as he wasn’t smart enough to invest in tangible properties, he was determined to reclaim everything he lost. He scoured through the depths of the dark web to find other ways to earn cryptocurrencies and saw a website called Bitcoin Begging.

It is a place on the web where the ultra-rich promise to pay one Bitcoin to a Bitcoin Beggar who’s willing to do everything. Not wanting to succumb to the other gruesome tasks listed on the website, he started perusing the Sissification and Feminization section. Luckily, his photo intrigued someone with the username mrs.morningwood.

Clutch your Pearl Necklace Tight and Prepare for a Wild Forced Feminization Ride!

Note: This sissy fiction contains domination, a submissive sissy, and a dominant transgender woman. All characters are within the legal age of consent.
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