Blood Bound

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
October 2009
10 hours 2 minutes
The second novel in the #1 New York Times bestselling series.

A demon-riding vampire has gone on a killing spree unlike any the Tri- Cities has ever seen-and the undead and werewolves sent to stop him haven't returned. A coyote is no match for a demon, but shapeshifting mechanic Mercy Thompson is immune to many vampiric powers-and those are her friends who are missing, including the two werewolves circling around her heart. Game on...
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Narrator does a great job brining these books to life

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Mary B.

love the books

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Love this series

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Christie L.

phenomenal series!!!

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Simply great. I love the details and the reconstruction of emotions & feelings, it makes the characters so real.

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Jon B.

Well, I’m a dude. This isn’t something I’d normally pick up, but the narrator caught my attention in the first books sample and I listened. It was interesting, with an endearing leading lady, a gripping enough plot, a fun horror/faerie tale setting in my home state, and excellent narration. The second book maintained these characteristics but quickly devolved into a Twilighty three-(four?)-way love story clone. If this is something you look for in a story, I highly recommend the series so far. Not sure I’ll continue, but I will be seeking out Lorelai King in the future.

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Olivia J.

If your considering listening to this audiobook series, DO IT. you will not be disappointed. And the reader is great

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Keri v

Love it listen to it I one day

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Jenna Bowman

Wonderful books! I love reading them as well as listening. This was my first audio book and I must say that Lorelei King has set a high standard for other narrators that I listen to. She has many voices and accents. Wonderful job.

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Kristina Misic

I am hooked on this series and look forward to the next book. Story was interesting and the narrator is excellent again. I had to keep reminding myself that it was a woman doing all the male voices. Very well done and exciting to listen to.

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Raymond Sellers

This book caught my attention and kept it through out the whole book. I loved the narration it was good.

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