Blood Thirsty

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
October 2010
7 hours 57 minutes
Acclaimed screenwriter Marshall Karp has been lauded for his Mike Lomax and Terry Biggs mysteries. Picking
up where their first adventure, The Rabbit Factory, left off, this duo of bickering Hollywood detectives investigates
another high-profile case.
After solving the Familyland murders, Lomax and Biggs are approached by world-famous movie producer Barry
Gerber to make a film of their story. Bitten by the movie-star bug, the two men know this could mean big money. Just
before the deal can be finalized, however, Gerber turns up dead—all the blood drained from his body. The number
one suspect is a maverick star actor known for his temper, excessive lifestyle, and a previous quarrel with Gerber. But
when he is abducted, the killer’s deadly designs take on a whole new dimension.
Fans of Hollywood scandals will love the insider’s feel of Karp’s intriguing mystery. Narrators Tom Stechschulte
and James Jenner shine in their portrayal of the witty Lomax and Biggs.
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Kristin W.

Very good book w great narration! Some incredibly compelling chapters & done lines where I actually laughed out loud. Try it! Can’t wait for next book.

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