BloodLight: The Apocalypse of Robert Goldner

BloodLight: The Apocalypse of Robert Goldner

Written by:
Harambee K. Grey-Sun
Narrated by:
Rhett Samuel Price
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
June 2018
6 hours 45 minutes
In this edgy, page-turning prequel to the Eve of Light series, dark humor, dark fantasy, and several subgenres of horror combine to explore an African-American teenager’s discovery of his true place in the universe.

Deep down, Robert Goldner knows he’s a mistake. His mother told him so when he was just five years old. But he never found the courage to ask just what she meant before she was murdered under mysterious circumstances on his eleventh birthday. 

Now, on the eve of his seventeenth birthday, Robert is dead set on becoming a Virginia high school state wrestling champion in order to redeem himself once and for all, reversing whatever curse his mother saw within him. One of the few blacks on a predominantly redneck team, Robert has struggled for years to remain clear-headed and independent in a school divided by race and conquered by cliques. But when something from Beyond takes possession of his body and mind, wrestling with his very soul, he may find his “birthday” to be a gateway to a horrifying truth about himself and the fundamental nature of Reality.

With stories set in a world where humankind’s twisted fantasies and most disturbing nightmares have manifested as pulsing, hard-edged realities, Eve of Light is a dark fantasy horror series unlike any other. Mind-bending and provocative. Dark fiction at its weirdest.

Due to its language and themes, BloodLight is intended for mature readers.
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