Blue Midnight and the Masked Chicken: The Super Zero

Blue Midnight and the Masked Chicken: The Super Zero

Written by:
Rachel Lawson
Narrated by:
Rachel Lawson
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
June 2022
0 hours 8 minutes
'Is anything wrong,' Blake asked.

'Can you please take me to hell!' asked Max.

'take you to what?' Blake king of the grim reapers laughed.

'Blue Midnight and the Sun King this is exciting lets go fight crime!' A man in a yellow chicken suit with a mask said like they made his life.

'Ok, I'll race you there,' said Blake seeing the chicken,

'Can I join you!' the chicken enthused said.

He wanted to be a hero, and chaos followed him. He was a sorcerer who chose not to use magic.

the chicken was being beaten by an old lady he crossed the road with.

'Why did the chicken cross the road!' laughed Max.

'I wanted to catch that bus leave me alone..' she screamed as she was dragged away from the bus it left when she was taken across the road nearly under a car.

'Max we better save him from the old lady,' Blake said.

'We'll deal with this chicken, Madam,' Blake said dragging the chicken away from the old lady who was still hitting him.

'Thank you Blue Midnight, that chicken made me miss my bus,' she said happy to see him taken away. Max and Blake walked him away.

'Let's go for a coffee Chicken, King,' said Blake,

'Yes,' Max said realizing that Blake meant to get the chicken out of trouble.

'Why don't you use your powers? You are a sorcerer too' asked Max.

'Oh them! I prefer manual work!' said the chicken.

'Chicken,' Max said, ' stop looking for crimes we are here to sit and drink,'

'Blake calm down everyone thinks you're mad!' Max said glaring at Blake.

Blake looked Mortified.

'I want to die!' Blake said feeling as if everyone was watching him as they were.

'Die later Blake!' Max said, 'we don't need to explain why the grim reaper's here and you are dead.'

Blake and Max left the chicken.

'Good thing we were masked no one will recognize us,' Max said laughing.
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