The Bone Shard War

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
April 2023
19 hours 36 minutes
From the author of The Bone Shard Daughter comes the final book in the Drowning Empire series, as the fate of Lin Sukai—and her family’s dynasty—lay in her hands in this action-packed, magic-laced epic fantasy.

Lin Sukai has won her first victory as Emperor, but the future of the Phoenix Empire hangs in the balance – and Lin is dangerously short of allies. 

As her own governors plot treason, the Shardless Few renew hostilities. Worse still, Lin discovers her old nemesis Nisong has joined forces with the rogue Alanga, Ragan. Both seek her death.  

Yet hopes lies in history. Legend tells of seven mythic swords, forged in centuries past. If Lin can find them before her enemies, she may yet be able to turn the tide.  
If she fails, the Sukai dynasty – and the entire empire – will fall.  
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Lisa S.

The Bone Shard War is the thrilling conclusion to the Drowning Empire trilogy by Andrea Stewart. The book picks up two years after the conclusion of The Bone Shard Emperor. Lin was still struggling to keep her grasp on the empire. Lisong had joined forces with Ragan and the Shardless Few were continuing to put pressure on the destabilizing Lin’s reign. Jovis had not returned from his trip to rescue Meffy, and Lin had received a piece of skin with his tattoo and a letter that he was deceased. I listened to this book by audiobook and really loved it. The narrators did an amazing job narrating the different characters, each with a distinct voice. I highly recommend experiencing the book in this fashion. I thoroughly enjoyed the story as well. The author followed the many characters and managed to make them converge in the climactic final battle. I loved the way the characters intersected as they travelled throughout the empire, the constant action throughout the book and the way all the moving parts weaved together at the end. The final ending was bitter sweet with some feelings of hope for a better tomorrow for the people of the empire, and for the primary characters as well. I highly recommend this intricately plotted trilogy and this book in particular to lovers of fantasy novels in the same storytelling style as Tad Williams. I am giving this book 4.5 stars. The entire trilogy is well worth the read. I am voluntarily submitting this honest review after listening to an advanced complementary copy of this audiobook thanks to Netgalley and Hachette Audio.

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