The Bookshop from Hell

Written by:
David Haynes
Narrated by:
Jeff Harding

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
April 2020
10 hours 12 minutes
Horror is what Dan Law enjoys. He loves to read horror novels as a way to escape from his teaching job, from his loneliness, from the everyday dullness of life in Silver Lake. That's what Dan lives for. When a new bookstore opens in town, every visitor receives a free book of their own. A book that tells their own personal story…a story they have to follow to the brutal end. As Silver Lake's population descends into violent savagery, Dan finds he is no longer living for horror novels – he's living inside one.
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Jason T.

Wow, this book is a rambling mess. I listened to 8 hours of this because I was stuck in a car with nothing else to listen to. After all that time, I have no idea who the protagonist is. Characters get brought up, only to be forgotten immediately. There is no plot except “evil”. It’s like the author read “Needful Things” by Stephen King and thought, “you know what, I’ll do that again, but not good”. It just drags on and on with no character development or point to their action. I realized after about 4 hours that I had no idea how old any of the characters were supposed to be, what any of them might look like or what the antagonist (if you could call him that) was even working toward. AND the narrator was laughably bad. For a horror novel, he sounded like he was alternately reading commercials on a cheesy rock station or pretending to be an old-timey sports commentator. It ruined any chance of building a mood or atmosphere. Just skip this one

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I was hesitant about listening to this audio book, because it didn't have a rating. But, I liked the title, so I decided try it. well, I'm so glad that I did, because I thoroughly enjoyed it. At start of the story, I thought the narration was going to be bad. But, the narrator was awesome. The different character voices he portrayed made it easy to picture them in your mind. To repeat what the evil, human entity said to his victims, "You'll love, love, love it!

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