Boundless: A Ties That Bind Short Story

Boundless: A Ties That Bind Short Story

Written by:
Liza Snow
Narrated by:
Rapunzaroo , Daniel Zbel
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
May 2023
1 hour 15 minutes
CassandraEvery time the silk aerialist Chandler Moreau took to the skies, my heart soared with him. 

I was entranced by his effortless grace and raw strength.

When fate brought me to Cirque du Lys, I never expected to work so closely with the man of my dreams.

As our first show drew near, my focus began to falter, and I worried I'd disappoint my mentor. 

But Chandler had a solution that involved a mutual passion we both shared.

As intricate knots tightened around me, I surrendered to the sensations that bound us together. 

Each twist and turn drew me closer to him, and I discovered a new level of trust that I never thought possible.

ChandlerCassandra Blackstone was the protégé I'd been waiting for my entire career. 

Her beauty and elegance matched her ambition, and I was determined to help her reach her potential.

But something was holding her back, and I knew just how to push her to new heights.

All it took was a bundle of red jute rope, in a delicate lesson of trust and surrender. 

As I bound her body with practiced precision, I felt a fire ignite between us, burning with an intensity that I couldn't ignore.

Would Cassandra finally let go and surrender herself? Would she take the leap, even if it meant testing her limits?

Embark on a captivating journey into the world of the romantic suspense novel Obedience, where trust intertwines with desire and self-discovery under the enchanting big top. 
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Meredith M.

I thought the story was longer. About half is this story, and the other is a preview for another. But the smut is good. Sometimes, I got confused with what the context was in the story.

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