Narrated by:
A.J. Carter
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
June 2023
4 hours 4 minutes
What if The Little Mermaid was a boy?

Adrian is the son of Poseidon, and heir to the sea's throne. As a merman of the royal court, he’s sick of being underwater, and dreams of living on land. 

When a wicked storm threatens to drown a beautiful human, Adrian is forced to save her life. He falls for Isa at first sight. To be with her, he'll have to give up his life as a merman, and leave the ocean behind. 

The sea warlock Stavros has the power to turn Adrian into a human for three days. They make a deal. Adrian has until the last day to convince Isa of his love. If he doesn’t, Adrian will be stuck as a merman permanently… and all the sea will belong to Stavros, forever. 

Twisted Fairy Tales: Enchanted Fables is a shared fantasy new adult universe written by multiple authors, which can be read in any order. In these stories, beloved fairy tales are retold in a mysterious and mystifying way, featuring a world of magic in our modern day. These fantasy romance novels and urban paranormal stories put a unique spin on the tales we all know… with a twist.
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