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Bricks and Murder

Bricks and Murder

Written by:
Ken Bebelle , Julia Vee
Narrated by:
Eunice Wong
Coming Soon

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
March 2024
11 hours 0 minutes
Roxy Lim is now an inked member of the Seattle Slayers, tasked with enforcing the Oceanic Pact in a city teeming with deadly shifters, devious vampires, and scheming fae.

I made it into the Slayers by the skin of my teeth and now I just need to figure out a plan to ship some Cure back to my mom. Cure doesn't survive the Crossing through the Veil without the right vessel. But earning my stripes with the Slayers should get me just the vessel I need to do it.

The head of the Dojo has taken an interest in my training. I got my ink and was riding high when my shifter landlady Mrs. Chu goes missing in the Wilds. Faced with the decision to either carry out my duties with Slayers or to bail to the Wilds to find the one person in Seattle who has taken care of me like family, it's no choice at all.

What I thought would be a simple errand lands me in a full scale vampire war between the Night Court and a rogue vampire named O'Malley. Shifters are dying and now I can't leave and the Slayers won't help.

All I've got to save Mrs. Chu and the rest of the shifters is my hammers, a sharp knife, and my growing Breaker magic. I'll use everything I've got but will it be enough to stop O'Malley's war?
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