Broken Strings

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
May 2024
12 hours 0 minutes
My heart never stood a chance.

From the first time I laid eyes on Caden North, it beat only for him. We'd planned on forever . . . But when you meet your soulmate at eight years old, plans can change. Loyalties can shift. And young hearts can break.

I was sixteen when I broke mine . . . And his. The day I ran from the only home I could remember, leaving him in the arms of another. He grew up to become one of the most sought-after musicians on the planet, all while I witnessed his triumphs from the shadows.

Until I'm faced with my worst nightmare and left with no option but to return. I know all I'll receive is hate when I finally share my truth. Except I'm so wrong.

He stuns me with a proposal I would never have expected—and one I simply can't refuse. Stay with him. For one week. Seven days to fall in love with him. However, the longer I stay, the harder we fall.

And when revelations of the past shatter his trust in me, can our love be strong enough to fix what's been broken?

Contains mature themes.
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