Cambodia - Phnom Penh - Palace, Temple

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
December 2020
0 hours 25 minutes
We have set ourselves a new goal - to travel slowly! We want to have time to see, to sense and to smell... We want to have time to enjoy and even shed a tear at our meetings and the scenery. We want to sigh in delight at the wonders created by man and to see humanity in the light of its destructive powers. We want to hear the legends of the local people and to tell them about our world. We want to knock on doors and be met in a modest home by people with huge hearts.
"No Luggage" we are looking for and finding beauty, kindness and everything that brings meaning and wisdom to our life of travel.
We are travelling towards the legacy of an ancient civilization hidden deep in the forests of Cambodia.
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