Campus Bones

Written by:
Vivian Barz
Narrated by:
Julie Mckay

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
August 2021
7 hours 57 minutes
Amazon Charts bestselling author Vivian Barz reunites Special Agent Susan Marlan with Professor Eric Evans in a riveting installment in the Dead Remaining series.

It’s been a year since Special Agent Susan Marlan and Professor Eric Evans worked a taxing missing persons case together on the Olympic Peninsula. Though the couple have since separated, Eric must reluctantly turn to Susan for advice when a student accused of murdering his ex-girlfriend comes to Eric for help proving his innocence. Susan—busy tracking down two missing employees of San Francisco’s Gruben Dam—warns Eric to be cautious, as the young man has connections to Defenders of the Earth (DOTE), an ecoterror group operating out of San Francisco.

After the suspected student dies of an apparent suicide, Eric starts having visions that point to a more disturbing truth. Determined to figure out what really happened, Eric works with his old friend Jake Bergman to infiltrate DOTE.

As Eric continues to grapple with his newly discovered ability to see the dead, Susan’s missing persons case leads her to a startling connection between the campus suicide, her case, and the ecoterrorists. To put the pieces together and prevent further disaster, the trio must join forces once again.
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