Carolina Built

Written by:
Kianna Alexander
Narrated by:
Leon Nixon , Shayna Small

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
February 2022
10 hours 7 minutes
This “exuberant celebration of Black women’s joy as well as their achievements” (Kate Quinn, New York Times bestselling author) novelizes the life of real estate magnate Josephine N. Leary in a previously untold story of passion, perseverance, and building a legacy after emancipation in North Carolina.

Josephine N. Leary is determined to build a life of her own and a future for her family. When she moves to Edenton, North Carolina, from the plantation where she was born, she is free, newly married, and ready to follow her dreams.

As the demands of life pull Josephine’s attention away, it becomes increasingly difficult for her to pursue her real estate aspirations. She finds herself immersed in deepening her marriage, mothering her daughters, and being a dutiful daughter and granddaughter. Still, she manages to teach herself to be a businesswoman, to manage her finances, and to make smart investments in the local real estate market. But with each passing year, it grows more and more difficult to focus on building her legacy from the ground up.

“Filled with passion and perseverance, Josephine Leary is frankly a woman that everyone should know” (Sadeqa Johnson, author of Yellow Wife) and her story speaks to the part of us that dares to dream bigger, tear down whatever stands in our way, and build something better for the loved ones we leave behind.
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Latoya L.

This book celebrates the Black woman's joy and achievements. And highlights how men love/like successful women. However, they resent them for their accomplishments. Josephine Leary, the protagonist, builds a great life for herself and her daughters. This is right off the heels of emancipation in Edenton, North Carolina. She's now a freed woman who is determined to build a legacy. Despite her successfulness her husband hates that she has to have money and knowledge. She buys property after property, even his barbershop, and their home without him. He voices his opinion about how it makes him look so that she buys properties without him. But the thing is, she was buying them before he came along, and now he wants her to stop or add him to her properties as though it's his dream or his money. Chileeee the audacity. They love a successful woman until you have to level up....I digress. She puts her oldest through college at Shaw University. The book highlights HBCU's and their humble beginnings. Josephine didn't get to accomplish being a real estate mogul due to her other roles, but self-taught herself to be a businesswoman that made good investments in the real estate market. Her husband raises his hand to strike Josephine, and she leaves. When she goes to file for divorce, this coward has the nerve to ask for his share of her properties, or if she gives him the barbershop, he won't come from her properties....Ughhhh. Relationships, love, education, freedom, and much more will keep you turning pages. Just read this one. #Book5of2023 #Bookworm #Whatsnext

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