Carter House Girls Audio Collection, Books 1-6: 6 Books in 1

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
August 2022
31 hours 2 minutes
Personalities clash and friendships shift between six very different girls in this audio collection of the first five books in Melody Carlson’s Carter House Girls series. YA readers will enjoy the juicy storylines, new romances, and hidden secrets of each girl, as well as the changes each experiences as they spend time together in a boarding house, where they get to know more about themselves and explore their faith.

Perfect for fans of high school drama shows, fashion, and relatable stories with a touch of glamour, this first audio collection of books in the Carter House Girls teen series is now available in one audio download!

Carter House Girls Audio Collection features:

- stories that speak to issues teens are facing today
- diverse characters and backgrounds
- interesting plotlines that also gently examine what it means to be a Christian and live out your faith 

In addition, this audio download is:

- ideal for birthdays, Christmas, or any gift-giving occasion
- wonderful for summer reading, travel, or listening around the house
- great for YA fans 13 and up 

Carter House Girls Audio Collection includes:

- Mixed Bags: DJ isn’t sure what to make of her grandmother’s “finishing school” scheme, especially when five very different girls move into the house. As the summer goes on and cliques begin to form, especially among the richer housemates, it becomes clear manners and deportment aren’t the biggest lessons the group will face.
- Stealing Bradford: As the school year starts, several of the girls begin dating, but when Taylor decides to go after Rhiannon’s new boyfriend, the entire house finds itself caught in relationship drama. And DJ is left wondering if there is any chance for her and her crush after his confusing behavior at a party.
- Homecoming Queen: The Homecoming Dance is approaching, and Taylor and Eliza are determined to be crowned queen. When DJ also finds herself on the ballot as a write-in vote, friendships are stretched and people’s true colors begin to shine.
- Viva Vermont!: After their first big fashion show organized by her fashion icon grandmother, DJ and the Carter House girls head to Vermont for a quick vacation. But instead of a restful weekend at the slopes, some of the girls have plans to turn the chalet into a party house.
- Lost in Las Vegas: Taylor is visiting her mom in Las Vegas, and DJ agrees to come for a few days. But when she arrives, DJ soon realizes Taylor has been spending her days getting into as much trouble as she can find. And what happens in Vegas is only getting crazier as Eliza soon joins them and adds fuel to Taylor’s fire.
- New York Debut: Mrs. Carter is determined to get the girls ready for Spring Fashion Week in NYC, which turns a few girls into model divas battling for top billing at the show. And a few girls have some personal issues that threaten to derail the experience altogether.

Look for the rest of the series—Spring Breakdown and Last Dance—as individual audio downloads!
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