Casting Lacey

Written by:
Elle Spencer
Narrated by:
Melissa Moran

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
May 2018
11 hours 46 minutes
Coming out is easier when you've got someone by your side. At least that's how the hyper-private Quinn Kincaid sees it. When her publicist suggests a good old-fashioned sham of a Hollywood relationship, Quinn reluctantly agrees. And that's how the star of Jordan's Appeal, TV's highest rated legal drama, ends up with a fake girlfriend-the very real, very sexy, and very gay soap star, Lacey Matthews.

In Casting Lacey, Elle Spencer gives us a hilarious new take on a classic storyline, complete with nosy mothers, fawning assistants, and two beautiful actresses who might learn about true love. If they don't kill each other first.
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Nice writing style, terrific narrator. It is literally a soap opera so if you can suspend reality and cope with the plot twists, it’s great.

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Awesome book

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If you want a book that will just piss you off because the main characters are blind and annoying then this is your book!

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Elizabeth N.

The other review is right, this really is literally a soap opera. Honestly not sure why I enjoyed this book where two people are just awful to each other for nearly 12 hours as much as I did, but all the ridiculous twists and drama kept me listening. Melissa Moran did an excellent job with narration, a perfect choice.

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Billy G.

Honestly, I was reluctant to listen to this audiobook. It just seemed cheesy and unrelatable. But I was wrong. It’s actually really funny and I found myself laughing out loud several times throughout. Even though the circumstances seem extremely unlikely, the chemistry and humour between the main characters is very relatable and sweet. The narrator did a good job. The voices aren’t drastically different but there’s never any confusion about who’s saying what. I highly recommend for anyone looking for a sweet story and a few good laughs.

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Kd L.

I liked mostly the Lacey character and if you like a plain simple story beware because this one is longer than some rom-coms so when i thought things were resolving.. something else happened. I really enjoyed both the story and the narrator.

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This book was amazing . Couldn’t stop listening to it. You get invested in Lacey and Quinn…u root for them . Sometimes u want to strangle them lol but u root for them . I highly recommend this book. You won’t be disappointed

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Emily G.

Worth. The. Wait. The narrator is very pleasing to the ear and does a great job reading as the different characters. The storyline seems written from the perspective of someone with real-world same-sex dating experience, which makes the internal dialogue and situational experiences feel authentic. The story itself gets a bit dramatic at the end, but that’s life sometimes anyway, no? I highly recommend this audiobook and the narrator!

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E B.

A decent beginning, but the story quickly devolves into an angst ridden mess. Just when I thought the story must be nearing an end as some of the early obstacles are tentatively resolved, I was shocked to see there were approximately seven hours remaining! Repetitive and melodramatic, it was as if the main characters were incapable of learning from previous experience. The acting scenes were boring and poorly executed. If you are a fan of the fake girlfriend trope, specifically set in the entertainment industry, Lee Winter's Breaking Character is as good as it gets, whereas this book could be used as a demonstration of what NOT to do when writing fiction.

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