Casting the First Stone

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
March 2008
11 hours 0 minutes
Readers and critics alike can’t resist New York Times bestselling author Kimberla
Lawson Roby’s beloved Reverend Curtis Black series. Now the classic novel that
introduced the trials and triumphs of a church family and their congregation is
available in a beautiful new edition.
Tanya Black has everything a woman could want: a fulfilling career, a beautiful
daughter, an elegant home, and a handsome, charismatic husband who is pastor
of a prominent Baptist church. And yet, none of it can hide the growing
turbulence in her marriage.
Her husband, Reverend Curtis Black, once a loving, devoted, and passionate
partner, has grown remote, and Tanya is thrown into doubt about what she once
cherished. When she uncovers disturbing truths, confirming scandalous rumors
about Curtis, she questions all that she’s ever believed in.
But it is when Tanya is dealt the worst kind of betrayal a woman can face that her
life is changed forever. Plunged into a bittersweet journey of discovery, she finds
herself learning painful new lessons about love, loyalty—and sensual
temptation—and is forced to make some very hard decisions for her daughter,
herself, and her future.
“Roby writes with high-octane levels of emotion.”—USA Today
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Aretha W.

A good read. Tonya got on my nerves from time to time with her indecisiveness. But I know it’s hard to do the right thing at times especially when you have a conscious and know right from wrong. And Curtis, he’s just a whole mess. Let the church say Amen.

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This book held my attention from beginning to the end. I enjoyed the narrator very much!

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