Casual Artificial Intelligence: The Next Step in Effective Business AI

Written by:
Judith S. Hurwitz
Narrated by:
Tim Andres Pabon

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
October 2023
10 hours 55 minutes
In Causal Artificial Intelligence: The Next Step in Effective, Efficient, and Practical AI, a team of dedicated tech executives delivers a business-focused approach based on a deep and engaging exploration of the models and data used in causal AI. The book’s discussions include both accessible and understandable technical detail and business context and concepts that frame causal AI in familiar business settings.

Useful for both data scientists and business-side professionals, the book offers:
Clear and compelling descriptions of the concept of causality and how it can benefit your organization
Detailed use cases and examples that vividly demonstrate the value of causality for solving business problems
Useful strategies for deciding when to use correlation-based approaches and when to use causal inference
An enlightening and easy-to-understand treatment of an essential business topic, Causal Artificial Intelligence is a must-read for data scientists, subject matter experts, and business leaders seeking to familiarize themselves with a rapidly growing area of AI application and research.
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