Classic Romance Collection - Volume I - Jane Eyre - Lady Chatterley's Lover - O Pioneers! - Unabridged

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
March 2024
39 hours 34 minutes
The most romantic literary lovers in history: Jane Eyre and Mr. Rochester. Oliver Mellors and Constance Chatterley. Marie Shabata and Emil Bergson. Now, all three of their classic stories are collected in one volume: The Classic Romance Collection - Volume I featuring Charlotte Brontë's 'Jane Eyre,' D.H. Lawrence's 'Lady Chatterley's Lover' and Willa Cather's 'O Pioneers!'
First, the story of young, orphaned Jane Eyre who is turned away from her family and must make her own way in the world. When she is hired on as a governess for a rich landowner, she becomes attracted to the brooding and mysterious master of the manor who harbors a dark and terrible secret. Truly one of the great romance novels of all time.
Next, D.H. Lawrence's controversial and sensational novel of infidelity and sexual awakening, 'Lady Chatterley's Lover.' Banned in multiple countries for its shocking and frank language, this is the story of Lady Constance Chatterley whose husband is confined to a wheelchair. When she takes on her husband's groundskeeper Mellors as a lover, her entire world is upended as both class and societal barriers collapse around her.
Finally, Willa Cather's breakout drama of love on the prairie, 'O Pioneers!' At the center of this novel of life on the great plains is the romance of Marie Shabata, trapped in an unhappy marriage, and her would-be lover Emil who attempts to flee his attraction to her but is continually drawn back, unable to resist the pull of their forbidden passion.
Three classic novels of love, drama and romance collected together for the first time, these books are presented in their original and unabridged format.
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