Clawing For Escape

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
July 2022
7 hours 29 minutes
Magic is a dangerous tool, but uncontrolled magic can be downright deadly.

When the theft of a magical artifact goes wrong, its power opens a rift between our world and the Void which surrounds all planes of existence. The black disk threatens to suck our world into the Void, but Magic Managed is on the scene, ready to save the day. Galen and Vala 'manage' this misadventure well enough-at least at first.

But then another portal opens. And another. And another . . .

The threat didn't end with the first disk's disappearance. If anything, it is only growing. Worse still, these portals won't shut down.

Vala's special magic gave her the glimmering of an understanding of the nature of magic itself.

But will that knowledge be enough to solve the riddle of these portals? Or will our world be sucked into the Void and lost forever?
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