Clawing for Honor

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
August 2022
8 hours 5 minutes
Challenged by the greatest dragon swordsman to a duel, Galen once again finds himself over his head and sinking fast!

He used Claw, his magical sword, to save the town of Cranbook, and now Galen and Vala are enjoying a little well-earned success for a change. But it seems like tales of his derring-do have exploded far beyond the reality of the story. The greatest dragon swordsman alive wants a piece of Galen, and he's on his way to collect.

Three days. Galen has just three days to learn to use his sword effectively, or he's dead meat!

While he's off seeking help from his friends, Vala ends up in trouble of her own. A simple job application takes her down a rabbit hole into-well, she's not quite sure what it is, but the deeper she looks, the greater the risk grows.

Together these two have faced some tough adversaries. But now they're divided-and about to discover if the strength they've each found within themselves is enough.
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