The Cloud of Unknowing: Ancient Mysticism for Modern Spirituality

Written by:
Anthony Ciorra
Narrated by:
Anthony Ciorra

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
July 2020
5 hours 17 minutes
The Cloud of Unknowing, a 14th-century mystical text on contemplation amid a pandemic, is experiencing a renaissance in our current moment. Join award-winning Christian spirituality expert Fr. Anthony Ciorra to discover why this "journey from head to heart" is so relevant to today's spiritual seekers.

"Whoever you are, looking for peace, this book is for you."

Through 12 transformative audio lectures with Fr. Ciorra, a Learn25 favorite, you can experience the power of The Cloud of Unknowing to open your mind and heart. You will discover a precious treasure that will open your eyes to God in the ordinary. As you listen to the lectures, you will understand the relevance of this work to our current moment.

Rather than providing easy answers, the Cloud reveals that contemplation teaches us how to live with uncertainty. You will find a way of praying for the times in which we are living. Simply put, the Cloud shows us that "we cannot think our way into God because God can be loved but not thought."

If you are looking for peace, strength, and hope, look no further than The Cloud of Unknowing. These lectures will bring you to the door of the One deep within who will give you the strength to navigate these difficult times.

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