Coach Yourself: Increase Awareness, Change Behavior and Thrive

Written by:
Antonia Bowring
Narrated by:
Melanie Carey
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
September 2023
5 hours 13 minutes
Become the best version of yourself using these practical frameworks exploring the power of performance coaching from a Top NYC Executive Coach.

Coach Yourself! is a guide for people who are committed to increasing their awareness about behaviors that aren’t serving them at work or in the rest of their lives, and then taking the necessary actions to move forward. If you’re ready to explore changing habits and behaviors to improve how you show up in work and life, this book is for you. With practical and accessible frameworks exploring the power of performance coaching, Top NYC Executive Coach Antonia Bowring teaches readers to use her performance coaching formula: increased awareness + changed behavior = flourishing individual and thriving work performance.

Bowring offers recipes, frameworks, and tools you can use to navigate the exhilarating, and inevitably bumpy, journey through your professional life. You’ll discover:
Foundational definitions and concepts, including discussions about the different kinds of coaching, the benefits they bring to the table, and the processes they use
The importance of your values, and how they anchor your progress through your coaching journey
Communication strategies used by the world’s most effective problem-solvers and decision-makers in the world
While this will be an essential guide for professionals and leaders, anyone can pick up this book and apply the frameworks to various aspects of their life. The essence of coaching is that we have the answers inside ourselves, and the role of the coach is to help us access our own answers.
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