The Complete Carnivore Diet for Beginners: Your Practical Guide to an All-Meat Lifestyle

Written by:
Laura Spath , Judy Cho
Narrated by:
Nancy Peterson

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
January 2024
5 hours 19 minutes
The Complete Carnivore Diet for Beginners is the definitive carnivore starter guide. Informative and approachable. No dogma. Just a practical template for success.

The carnivore diet is surging in popularity. And while its contrarian tenets may fly in the face of conventional nutritional recommendations, millions of people, and emerging research, are showing it to be a healing nutritional template, when done correctly. If you are new to the carnivore diet, this is your go-to resource for doing it safely and sustainably.

In this accessible guide, board-certified holistic nutritionist Judy Cho covers the “why” of carnivore eating with well-referenced scientific information on the pitfalls of modern plant-based diets and how animal-based eating can support health, disease amelioration, and, contrary to popular belief, nutrient density.

You’ll learn how to successfully implement a carnivore lifestyle, including:
- Levels of carnivore eating
- Meal plans
- Starter recipes
- How to deal with transition symptoms

Unlike competing books, which are heavy tomes dense on text, The Complete Carnivore Diet For Beginners gives you information in simple, engaging, FAQs, and chapter summaries.

Combining science-supported nutritional protocol and practical application, this is the must-have beginner’s guide to animal-based eating.
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