Created to Hear God: 4 Unique and Proven Ways to Confidently Discern His Voice

Written by:
Havilah Cunnington
Narrated by:
Havilah Cunnington

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
December 2023
6 hours 50 minutes
Do you struggle to discern God’s voice in the decisions and challenges you face? God is always speaking--the key is discovering the unique way He speaks to each of us, which is your unique prophetic personality.

Hearing God's voice is one of the greatest gifts we've been given, but it can also feel complex and frustrating. As a teenager, Havilah Cunnington didn't think she could hear God's voice, thinking it was like trying to tune into a radio station and never finding the correct frequency. But one night at a conference, she had an encounter with God that changed everything. She realized He had been speaking to her the whole time--she just hadn't learned to recognize His voice.

Now an author, speaker, pastor, and founder of the well-known ministry Truth to Table, Havilah teaches people around the world to recognize the unique way God is speaking to them. After more than twenty-five years studying and teaching about hearing from God, she has discovered four distinct ways we hear His voice. In Created to Hear God you will:

- identify your unique prophetic personality: Hearer, Knower, Feeler, or Seer;
- learn the core concepts of a prophetic personality;
- discover how to strengthen and develop that personality;
- uncover a relationship with God that has felt hidden for so long; and
- learn how God speaks to your family and friends


God is alive and well. It's not about Him speaking but us listening. Through biblical teaching and experience, you’ll receive guidance in hearing and connecting with God. If you love tools like the Enneagram, join the thousands who have already gained a deeper understanding of themselves and others through learning their unique prophetic personality.
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