The Cure: A Black Ghost Thriller

The Cure: A Black Ghost Thriller

Written by:
Freddie Villacci Jr
Narrated by:
Scott Brick
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
April 2021
8 hours 4 minutes
Immerse yourself in the latest heart-stopping installment of the Black Ghost Series with 'The Cure,' brought to life by the renowned Scott Brick. From the hushed beginning to the explosive finale, this narrative ensnares you in a web of suspense that's impossible to escape.

Gracie Green is on the cusp of a breakthrough that could alter the course of medicine forever—a cure for cancer. Yet, her world-shattering breakthrough has become the fulcrum of a perilous struggle. Big pharma wants her silenced; China sees her discovery as the ultimate leverage to dominate global politics. Amid this maelstrom, an ex-CIA operative turned lethal assassin is on her trail, mandated to eradicate Gracie's work and her from the face of the earth.

As the shadow of conspiracy looms, Gracie is framed for a terrorist act she didn't commit, entangling her in a treacherous labyrinth where no one can escape. Her only beacon of hope? The Black Ghost, whose skills are the stuff of legend—a protector whose past may be as dark as those who seek her end.

This thrilling saga beckons you to plunge into a world where each twist is more unpredictable than the last, and where survival is as much about wits as it is about trust. For enthusiasts of James Patterson's intricate plots and heart-racing suspense, 'The Cure' promises to be your next obsession.

Allow Scott Brick's dynamic narration to guide you through a tapestry of intrigue, where every second counts and the stakes keep getting higher. Will Gracie's intellect outshine the dark forces surrounding her? Can truth triumph when every power structure wants it buried?

Prepare to be captivated. Secure your copy, don your earbuds, and embark on an auditory quest that pulses with danger and defiance. 'The Cure' isn't merely a tale—it's an experience, a battle against the odds, where the next breath could tip the balance. Do you dare join the Black Ghost in this shadow dance of survival and secrets?
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