The Dalton Family Bundle, Books 1-3

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
February 2024
25 hours 58 minutes
This audiobook bundle collects the first three steamy, standalone installments of The Dalton Brothers series by USA Today bestselling author Marni Mann. Book One, The Lawyer: Dominick Dalton has a proposition for me: he wants to make me famous. Of course, that means sharing a screen with my wildly jealous sister. It means giving up my career. It means the whole world will suddenly know everything about me. And it presents one catastrophic problem: Dominick doesn’t date famous people. Book Two, The Billionaire: I’ve always been a good girl, but the second I walk into the hotel bar, I see temptation. The man sitting there is delicious. Older. Experienced. Once our eyes meet, I know I’m not walking away unscathed. I’ve heard about men like Jenner Dalton—richer than God and hotter than sin. He’s got heartbreak written all over him. But it only takes fifteen minutes before we’re headed up to his room. Book Three, The Single Dad: Ford Dalton isn’t the kind of man I’d look at twice—because I can’t stop looking at him at all. But there’s something he’s keeping from me: he’s already met the love of his life, his daughter Everly. And there’s something I’m keeping from him: I just applied for the job of my dreams, being Everly’s new nanny.
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Both books were amazing. First time I’ve ever read books like these

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